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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions - Vynikni.com

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Bank account: Fio banka a.s., b.n. -  SK23 8330 0000 0026 0093 5757


VYNIKNI, s.r.o. (next just seller) accepts just orders in written form. Order could be deliver in person, by post, by fax or by e-mail. The order has to contain orders invoice data, catalog number, title and quantities of ordered goods, adress, date and method of delivery. If it is not stated the method of transportation, the seller reserves the right to define the most convenient method. The order will be certified to customer in two days of workweek from her acceptance- by fax, in electronic form or by phone. The goods are reserved max. 3 weeks.

Delivery times, delivery dates:

If the customer is incumbent upon him obligations to cooperate or secondary obligations are fulfilled in time, we are entitled to extend agreed time limits and dates appropriate, without prejudice to our rights in default of acceptance by the customer.

For meeting the delivery dates and deadlines is the date of dispatch from the factory / warehouse prevail. If the goods are no fault of ours can not be shipped on time or is retrieved by the customer, are the delivery times and dates with notice of readiness as observed.

With cash on delivery deadlines begin on the date of our order confirmation in advance after receipt of the full purchase price to our account.

For product use tests are necessary on the nature and extent agreed. The costs are borne by the buyer, unless otherwise agreed.We are entitled to make partial deliveries.

We bear the additional costs incurred if the customer is not responsible for the reason for the partial delivery.

Retention of title:

Until all claims to which we are entitled by law to against the customer / buyer or will remain our goods are our property. Processing or transformation in the field of customer / buyer is always provided for us as a supplier, but without obligation for us. If our (co-) owned by association, it is now agreed that the (joint) ownership of the customer / buyer of the common concern pro-rata (invoice value passing) on us. The customer / buyer keeps our (joint) property free of charge. Goods to which we have (co-) ownership are referred to as conditional goods.

If third parties on the subject goods, the buyer / purchaser of our property and notify us immediately. Costs and losses borne by the purchaser.


Invoices are payable immediately upon invoice date. Discount will only be carried out, as had been previously agreed and granted are specified in the bill. Basically, our invoices to companies in advance are due. Credit card payments are charged for this order.

A payment may only be made if we are to have the amount unconditionally. In the case of checks only if the check was cashed without reservation.

We are, despite the provisions to entitle the purchaser / buyer, payments at the expense of some existing older debts.If costs and interest incurred, which we are entitled to payments first to the costs, then the interest and the principal claim.

Payments for contracts, the temporary special factors must be preserved include at least five days after the end of the action with us. If an order several temporary special factors, the earliest ending action is the basis for this calculation includes. If the payment arrive after that time with us, be valid, regular price as agreed.

Retention of the customer / buyer as well as off of a disputed or not legally binding claims are excluded.


Warranty claims expire for new goods in 12 months after delivery to the customer. For used goods, the warranty is excluded. Before any goods are returned our consent must be obtained.

Further claims of the customer from warranty and guarantees are excluded. We are therefore not liable for damage not caused to the delivery itself, in particular, we are not liable for lost profits or other financial damages to the customer, for example, penalties, loss of profits, wages or other consequential damages.As part of ensuring we do not assume any assembly and installation costs.

All warranty and claims are entitled only to the contractor and are not transferable to others. Sold the contract of the goods supplied by us to others, he is prohibited to refer because of the legal and / or contractual warranty claims on us.

Data privacy and protection:

The data required for the processing business transactions will be stored and for order processing requirements and where necessary may be passed on to suppliers and mailing companies, insofar as is necessary. All personal data will of course be treated confidentially.